Metal Technology Seminars

Industrial 4.0: How to Revolutionize Your Business

Discover the future of industrial revolution in supply chain and stay competitive. Be part of this seminar that will father industry experts to dissect the issues and explore the opportunities and understanding from the government, associates and the industry experts on How to Revolutionize Your Business with great insights looking at the government policy, business models, Internet of Things (IoT), cyber-security, the future of work and the successful real use cases.
What will you be learning from the seminar: -
  • Understand The Future of Work and the skills needed
  • Find out the drivers, enablers and compelling forces for Industry 4.0
  • Learn about Smart factories and how they compare to the existing ones
  • The difference of Internet of Thing (IoT) and Industry Internet of Things (IIOT)
  • Assets that talk, factories that communicate: Predictive Analysis, Big Data leading to data-driven decisions and automation
  • Discover the latest hardware for connected operations: Understanding sensors, nodes, edges and networking technology
  • See Cyber physical systems and other major systems in Industry 4.0
  • The importance and its role of data and cloud computing
  • How to use Cloud to support human-machine collaborative efforts
  • Discover how you can successfully enhance your business using new IoT empowered products, services and solutions
  • Real use cases that will help sell IIoT Investments to senior management, boards, investors and governments
  • Notice the use of collaborative robots for your industry
  • Example of smart automations, products and services
  • Realize the challenges in cybersecurity and how to reduce them
  • How organizations and knowledge workers can better prepare for Industry 4.0
  • Knowing digital and its disruptive potential for daily operation
  • See the latest industrial IoT product releases from leading suppliers